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johnnyHi I’m Johnny Lewis, (some people might also remember me as Steven Bishop, or Johnny Moss) living in Sandwich, Kent now. My radio career started in 1977 when I got involved in boat trips to the then Radio Caroline ship Mi Amigo, which was anchored off the Essex coast. I was a Broadcaster and Engineer on the ship till it sank in March 1980.

Shortly after that I went to Israel to work on the Voice of Peace, a radio station broadcasting to the Middle East from a ship moored off Tel Aviv. From early 1981 till mid 1984 I worked on the likes of Sunshine Radio, Radio Nova, South Coast Radio and ABC Radio in Eire, I’ll tell you more about them at a later date on this site.Johnny_in_Studio_opt

In 1984 it was back to the North Sea once again to help on The Communicator, and became home to Laser 558. Then it was back to Radio Caroline. In 1987 I thought it was time to come ashore and work on ILR, firstly at Radio Wyvern in Hereford and Worcester, and then to Kent and Invicta Radio

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  1. Good luck with coastal radio Johnny and Judy hope it all goes very well I am still listening to academy at the moment. Have found coastal radio on the net the web site looks brilliant and the sounds are coming through very clear. good luck lad and ladet.

  2. I look forward to joining the Johnny & the crew & broadcasting my SCOFF & QUAFF show, food, banter, & tunes. Jules . Please Tweet me your food news & reviews to @SCOFFQUAFF

  3. Johnny Lewis is by far the most professional presenter you will find on any radio station anywhere and his ability for having worked on numerous stations over many decades stands out loud and clear,johnny is a genial well respected citizen of high ranking from john macleod

    1. hi johnny , still miss the ross revenge days , you and Dixie peach were great on the ship , played some fine album tracks . never forgotten what the dutch and britsh government did to the ross , keep the faith one day she will be heard on high power . , best regards devern gale .

  4. Johnny,
    Did I give you the James Tredwell flyer when we met at the cricket last Saturday ?
    If I did’nt let me have an email address and I will send it to you as an attachment.
    In sport, yours

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